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Times Square protest240This is a website for the arts that memorialize and protest acts of injustice occurring in all corners of the earth, but probably no artwork can rival the power of photojournalism in its testimony against injustice, and in its support of protests and movements that are seeking governmental policy change.

There are numerous dangers involved for photojournalists, including retaliation with violence - and even death, as well as undergoing harsh attendant circumstances, such as inadequate shelter, food, clean water, or medicine.  There are also many obstacles in getting official access to cover or publish their photos and video.

Photojournalists and numerous other individuals and groups are attempting to get war photographs and video footage wide coverage in the media, with the hope that U.S. institutional policies on war and extrajudicial detention will be dramatically altered.  See: World Press Photo; No Caption Needed:Visualizing War



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    War Photographer

    James Nachtwey   (3:39)

    Preeminent war photographer James Nachtwey records the harrowing realities of war in the 2001 Academy Award-nominated documentary.


    Photographers on War

    The Untold Story from Iraq   (9:07)

    Michael Kamber and Louie Palu remain skeptical of the wars they took risks to document, since the public remains poorly informed of the devastation.


    20 Years Covering Conflict

    Goran Tomasevic   (4:13)

    This veteran war photographer realizes that the conflict in Syria is a sniper's war after tracking the escalating frontline with exceptional proximity.


    The Modern War Journalist

    JP Keenan   (10:03)

    War journalism's ability to reveal the truth of war is subject to an unparalleled level of censorship since U.S. policies in Vietanam were altered by media scrutiny.


    The Border (Afghanistan, Mexico)

    Louie Palu   (8:00)

    Trust in a conflict zone breaks down when state authority is used without due regard to the social fabric or to the consequences of human rights abuses.



    The Aesthetics and Horror of War   (6:21)

    This wide-ranging special photography exhibit pulls moments from 165 years to reveal what happens before, during and after battle.


    The U.S. Response to 9/11

    Filmmaker Laura Poitras   (3:35)

    This Oscar-nominated filmmaker has taken on cutting-edge projects to document civil rights abuses stemming from U.S. reactions to 9/11.


    2010 White House War Protest

    Civil Disobedience to End War   (13:38)

    Massive arrests occurred as Veterans of Peace, Chris Hedges, and Daniel Ellsberg voiced opposition to America’s perpetual wars.


    The World Said No to War

    Stop the War Coalition   (8:06)

    The protest of February 15th, 2003, with more than 6,000,000 people in 60 countries, is known as "the largest protest event in human history."