"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

              - Benjamin Franklin  


    Stop Watching Us  (3:26)

    Despite previous criminal surveillance under Nixon, we find that today's vastly more powerful technology threatens our civil liberties as never before.


    Surveillance Threatens Freedom

    'Hacktivist' Jacob Appelbaum   (2:18)

    Surveillance threatens the whole concept of a free democracy: it robs citizens of their dignity and journalists of their ability to expose corruption.


    Living in a Surveillance State

    Security Expert Mikko Hypponen   (19:25)

    A top secret network of our government and its contractors1 possesses a vast capability to collect data and connections for any of us, or all of us.


    Drone Aerial Video Surveillance

    "Wide-Area Persistent Stare'   (4:41)

    Drones using ARGUS - the world's highest definition camera array - track all vehicle and pedestrian movements over a vast area for any given time period.


    How the Government Tracks You

    Fight for the Future  (5:24)

    The reach of today's vast, open-ended surveillance system allows the government to know where you've been, where you are, and where you're going.


    The NSA Knows Everything!  

    Hacker Daniel Davis (Tinkernut)   (4:58)

    An explanation of what data is available to the NSA, how you can be targeted, and what you can do about it; see the follow-up videoclip for more answers.

1 An infographic, "The Top Secret Network of Government and its Contractors", and 2 'TOP SECRET AMERICA' online news section, which includes an introductory video, "The Top Secret Network of Government and its Contractors", additional articles and other materials. See: Washington Post, 2010 -