The Rise of Corporate Security


"In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason."

              - Ernest Hemingway 


    Animation: "Securiotic"

    By Risto Turunen   (1:39)

    Animated film excerpt: Nation-Z, a democracy in name only, programs the public to live in fear and to accept the intolerable security measures it imposes.


    Shocks and Disaster Capitalism

    Naomi Klein   (8:36)

    The author of "The Shock Doctrine" explores how security-oriented corporations help drive an endless war against an undefined evil.


    The Pentagon's Revolving Door

    CREW DC   (4:22)

    The corporate security industry uses high-ranking ex-military 'cheerleaders for war' in producing lucrative U.S. policy and propaganda.


    Government/Corporate Merger

    Naomi Klein   (8:20)

    Corporatism is the anti-democratic merging of big government with the world of business, in which politicians profit personally from their policy decisions.


    Contractors Drive Up War Costs

    RethinkAfghanistan   (2:02)

    Covert warfare integral to U.S. empire-building is geographically centered on DC suburbs, where the median household income is the highest in the nation.


    U.S. Covert "Dirty Wars"

    Richard Rowley   (3:53)

    Covert warfare being waged is more calculated, more ruthless and much bloodier than "conventional" warfare [trailer for feature film, Dirty Wars].

The covert warfare that is integral to U.S. empire-building is geographically centralized outside of Washington DC:  
Covert Capital: Landscapes of Denial and the Making of U.S. Empire in the Suburbs of Northern Virginia, by Andrew Friedman.
University of California Press: August 19, 2013. See: