The Trauma of Unjust Wars


"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die."

              - Jean-Paul Sartre  


    The Consciences of Veterans

    RethinkAfghanistan   (1:10)

    Veterans are asking the public to honor them by putting an end to unjust wars, which continue to haunt the souls of many who served in them.


    The Terror of War (Illustrated)

    Dr. Dahlia Wasfi   (1:46)

    The nature of modern warfare is a reality in which 90% of the casualties of war are unarmed civilians; therefore, war for profit is morally equivalent to terrorism.


    U.S. Soldiers Are Waking Up!

    Iraq Veterans Against the War   (11:42)

    The U.S. invasion of Iraq caused such devastation to the Iraqi population that many veterans felt that they had lost their own dignity and humanity.


    Breakdown of Our Military

    U.S. Iraq Veteran Daniel Fanning   (14:58)

    Iraq Veterans Against the War's Winter Soldier testimony revealed the extent to which the U.S. failed its military service personnel, veterans and the Iraqi people.


    Veteran Protests War Atrocities

    U.S. Iraq Veteran Matt Howard   (9:52)

    U.S. veterans found a worldwide anti-war audience for the testimony of events they witnessed in Iraq.  [IVAW started one year after the invasion of Iraq.]


    Veteran War Story: "Road Work"

    U.S. Iraq Veteran Jack Lewis   (5:54)

    The soul sickness experienced by a soldier on night duty is explored in his first-hand account (the clip is from a collection based on veterans' writings).


    Iraq War Veteran's Suicide Note

    DemocracyNow   (1:58)

    The suicide note of Daniel Somers, a machine gunner and interrogator in Iraq, blames the U.S. government for forcing him to participate in war crimes and an ensuing cover-up.


    Military Suicides on the Rise

    DemocracyNow   (16:46)

    Due to widespread military-related trauma and the lack of adequate care and support, veterans commit suicide at a rate of more than twice that of the general population.


    Mental Health Crisis for Veterans

    DemocracyNow   (25:07)

    Veterans are finding substantial difficulties in reintegrating, and the government is intentionally misdiagnosing traumatic conditions, so that entitlements can be denied.