Control Over The Internet


"Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people."

              - Tom Clancy 


    Net Neutrality Must Stay!

    John Wooley   (29:59)

    With considerable irony, the case for net neutrality is unwittedly made by a "consultant" originally hired by corporations to oppose it.


    Let's Take Back the Internet!

    Journalist Rebecca MacKinnon   (14:53)

    We must challenge private rule over cyberspace that threatens free speech through arbitrary or narrow censorship standards.


    Aaron Swartz Interview

    War For The Web   (8:27)

    This Internet legend turned into a virtual martyr fighting for his vision of having technology be put into the service of a more democratic and just society.


    Freedom to Connect: Stop SOPA!

    Internet Activist Aaron Swartz   (22:52)

    The fight was to counter a radical legislative "Internet blacklist", in which the freedom to connect with others would be regulated by the government.


    A Crusader for Free Speech

     Internet Activist Aaron Swartz   (26:27)

    This hacktivist, who died at a tragically young age, is being remembered for his passionate and personal fight to continue free speech and sharing on the Internet.


    Beware Online 'Filter Bubbles'

    Eli Pariser   (11:53)

    Machine algorithms are emerging as gatekeepers to change how information flows online, as companies tailor a user's Web experience of accessing knowledge.