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Militants240A great variety of media, including fine art, print design, street art, cartoons, etc.

We inhabit an era in which censorship of violent and disturbing wartime photos has been systematically imposed by the government, as well as keeping accurate conflict information classified or otherwise nontransparent.  In addition, protests against war and additional injustices are underreported by the mainstream press.  It becomes all the more urgent to express one’s first-hand experiences and emotions regarding war and oppression in novel ways and locales to tap into the outrage, grief, cynicism, and hope of the public.  See this website's Art That Reveals.


Visual arts that graphically depict the horrors of war are extremely important to keep violent conflict from staying a mere abstraction for those people who are not connected to it through their affiliations or family members.  Yet, the emotional experience of war or other injustices cannot be reduced to one’s encounters with death or physical injury, and the fear these engender.  It has a far more complex constellation of life-changing aspects.

War induces an extraordinary transformation in the people associated with it, whether soldier or civilian, hero or oppressor or victim.  One cannot be undisturbed by it, even when one returns to a life that more closely resembles what existed prior to the conflict - particularly, as long as there is inadequate support and means to reintegrate into society.

A nation that cannot appropriately challenge a culture of perpetual war is one that is dramatically failing to address many realities, including numerous circumstances in which widespread dehumanization and oppression coexist.

Fortunately, numerous non-profit organizations, and some public agencies, are emphasizing art as a means for a soldier or veteran to come to terms with what has happened to them, and why they cannot put the past behind them.  In the process, many serving and veteran military service members are beginning to have a dramatic influence on the debate in America of what a just war is, whose interests are actually being served by going to war, and what a conflict-driven nation is doing to its reputation in the world and among its own people.

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